Privacy Policy - G.D.P.R.

FilmPartner (, treats your privacy very seriously and is committed to respecting it according to the highest standards and applying the latest data protection techniques. For this reason, we inform you that the processing of personal data that have been declared during your registration as a member-customer or as a business, and which in no way include sensitive data, is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR).

Filmpartner's Data Controller is Yiannis Charalambid╬╣s, Manager of Filmpartner I.K.E., based at 4 Parmenidou Str., 54352, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The personal data processed by FilmPartner are proportional to the professional status of its users and on the basis of which they register on this website;

A) As Candidate Members of Production Crews.

Registration details: First Name, Last Name, Sector of activity, Object, City / region, Country, Mobile phone, Landline, Contact number, Travel facility, Mother tongue, Spoken foreign languages, Profile or page on social media/imdb, Previous experience, Photo, CV, e-mail.

B) As Supply Companies.
Registration details: Business name, First Name, Last Name, Domain, Sector of activity, Object, City / region, Country, Mobile phone, Landline phone, Way of communication, Business website, YouTube Videos, Previous cooperation, Company logo, e-mail.

C) As Candidate Extras.
Registration details: First Name, Last Name, City / Region, Country, Mobile Phone, Landline, Contact, Mother tongue, Spoken foreign languages, Profile or page on social media/imdb, Previous experience, e-mail. 

D) As Production Companies.
Registration details: Business name, First Name, Last Name, City /region, Country, Contact Information, Mobile Phone, Landline, Contact, Business Website, YouTube Videos. Company logo, e-mail. 

FilmPartner uses the personal data you transfer when you register on its website, in order to present the professional profile of businesses and professionals of the film and television industry, as well as potential suppliers of businesses in the sector, among themselves, to create a professional community, in order to facilitate the realization of professional partnerships between its members (registered users). Thus, through the its registered users (and only to them) are given the opportunity to search for other registered users (Candidate Members of Production Crews, Supply Companies, Prospective Extras, Production Companies) from the Company's database, using keywords (or other categories of registration data) and gain access to their registration data, as they are mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

The further processing of personal data for any other purpose is carried out only after informing the registered user. Your consent is the legal basis for the processing actions described above. Your data may be processed without your consent, in order to fulfill obligations arising from Laws, Regulations and European legislation, and in the cases specified by Article 6 of the GDPR.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending a relevant request to the Controller, without however affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of consent. In addition, you can delete the listing yourself, as long as you enter with your passwords that have already been sent to you by e-mail during your registration.

By registering in the as a member or as a business, the registered user can edit and / or delete the details of his/her listing. In addition, it can gain access to all categories of professionals of the website From the fact that he himself appears to other registered users, he can be contacted by them, in order to achieve cooperation with them.

Registration data (data) may be processed by external partners, with whom the has signed contracts that provide the company with professional, tax / management or technical services (provision of IT services, cloud, etc.). The above-mentioned recipients receive only the necessary data for their respective functions and duly undertake their processing only for the purposes mentioned above and in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data, committed to the observance of the confidentiality terms as well as the privacy policy of the and are obliged to comply with the provisions of the GDPR. With the exception of the above, your personal data are not transmitted to third parties who do not perform commercial, professional or technical duties for the Controller.

The strictly adheres to a specific security policy, while applying the most modern techniques for the protection of personal data, which are kept in its records from illegal access, use or disclosure, modification, involuntary destruction.

The registered User of the website is entitled to submit a request to the Data Controller in order to exercise the rights provided for in Articles 15-22 of the GDPR, such as: to be informed about whether his/her personal data are processed, to have access to his/her data, to verify their content, their origin, correctness, location, to receive a copy of the personal data,  as well as the right to transmit them to another controller, to request the correction of inaccurate data, the filling in of deficiencies, the restriction of processing in the cases provided for in the GDPR, as well as the deletion of personal data, as well as the opposition to direct marketing activities.

In case of exercise of one of the above-mentioned rights, the Data Controller will take every possible measure to satisfy the visitor's request within one month of receipt thereof, informing him/her in writing of the satisfaction of his/her request, or the reasons that prevent his/her exercise, or the satisfaction of one or more of the above-mentioned rights in accordance with the GDPR.

This privacy policy applies only to the Although the website may provide links to other websites, we inform you that FilmPartner does not have access to, nor does it use systems for monitoring user monitoring technologies, which may apply to other websites. For this reason, when you visit another website via a link, you should verify the privacy policy of third parties.

Personal data are kept for as long as the account in the online store is active and in any case for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected.

In case of deletion of the account, personal data may be retained if there is a legitimate interest of the or its legal obligation. In any case, the criterion used to determine this period is based on compliance with the deadlines set by law and on the principles of data minimization, storage limitation and rational management of records.
If you believe that the processing of your Personal Data violates the GDPR, you have the right to inform the Controller and/or to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are pieces of information, which in the form of very small text usually consisting of letters and numbers, are stored in the browser used by the registered user to log in to our website (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Our website may use the following types of cookies on a case-by-case basis:

Session Cookies: Session cookies are automatically used after the user's registration only to identify his/her entry to our website on each subsequent visit, so that his/her connection is not required again. Session cookies are the e-mail declared by the user during registration and in encrypted form the password (for clients-members).

Preference Cookies: these are cookies that have to do with the user's personal preferences, in order to improve the experience and facilitate his navigation.

Advertising Cookies: with advertising cookies we seek to display advertisements or suggested services related to the member's interests, in order to help them find what they are looking for more easily.

Statistics Cookies: They enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our website, so that we can continuously improve the experience we offer.

Being an integral functional element of the we do not provide the registered user with the ability to disable part or all of the cookies stored on their computer. For this reason it is at his discretion to decide to leave our website if he does not accept our cookie policy.

FilmPartner reserves the right to change any of these terms by making a relevant announcement on the website and/ or upon notification by e-mail of the registered users of the website.