FilmPartner was founded in 2022, with the aim of creating a platform where different contributors will be able to come into contact with each other and with the contribution of FilmPartner, to collaborate in the production of film and television content in Greece.

Based in Thessaloniki, the home of the forthcoming Nu Boyana Hellenic Film Studios, FilmPartner is the most efficient way for filmmakers to find the best film and television crew for their projects and discover the many local service companies who can facilitate their productions. Our ethos is about building a community of filmmakers, enabling people to advertise their talents, discuss ideas with like minded professionals, for productions to find the crew they need and ultimately the making of TV shows and Films here in Greece.

If you’re a Production Company coming to Greece and are looking for local crew, all you have to do is sign up with FilmPartner and a database of professional TV and Film technicians of all grades and departments are at your fingertips. If you are looking for rigging, transport, construction, catering or anything else, again just sign up and you’ll get access to our database of local companies. Moreover, our company can provide you with the supporting artists you need for your production. Contact us and we will organise it all for you from booking crew to finding locations and everything in between.

If you are a Crew Member, maybe a camera operator or makeup designer, and you’re looking for work then all you need to do is sign up with FilmPartner. Once you are on our database any Production Company filming in Greece will be able to search for you. By signing up with us your potential for work and an expanding career will increase dramatically.

If you’re a Company operating in areas such as Construction, Transportation, Catering, Camera and Lighting Equipment Hire then you should showcase your services on FilmPartner and sign up today - filmmakers are looking to work with companies like yours.There are many other skills and trades that are needed in the TV and Film industry, your company could be exactly what productions need, but if you’re not sure you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Finally, if you have worked as a Supporting Artist or want to work in the future in international, major film and television productions, all you have to do is express your interest, paving the way for a new career. We will contact you in order to integrate your personal data into a secure database of our company and thus be able to promote your candidacy to the production companies.


FilmPartner is a dynamic company that adapts its services according to the needs of the market and always with a view to the optimal satisfaction of its customers. Its main services are:

1. Diary services to international Production Companies, which operate or intend to operate in Greece. Learn more...

2. Distribution of Supporting Artists in television and film productions as an Agency. Learn more...

3. Production of Independent Television and Cinema Movies. Learn more...

4. Production of Corporate Videos. Learn more...

5. Organization and Implementation of Educational Seminars. Learn more...

Meet The Team

Yannis Charalampidis

Yannis is the Manager of FilmPartner, with over 20 years of experience in the development and operation of business initiatives in Greece. Understanding the potential that a vibrant and successful television and film industry can have in the country and specifically in Thessaloniki, Yiannis' great knowledge of the business world will allow FilmPartner to bring together all the different stakeholders, creating a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Rob Arrowsmith

Rob is the internal business influencer and consultant for Film Partner. He is a Camera/Steadicam operator and Director of Photography currently working in the UK television and film industry. Rob has 26 years experience shooting in the UK and Europe for production companies and studios such as MGM, Paramount, TNT, Netflix, Starz, BBC, ITV among others. His knowledge and advice enables us to connect with the various stakeholders, keep up to date with current trends and practices so as a company we are at the heart of this developing and dynamic industry here in Greece.